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Secure data storage encapsulates the protection of data from unauthorised access, loss or theft. Data stored on physical devices, or in the cloud and also data transferred across networks can be secured. It also involves making sure that only authorized users have access to access your data, and that your data remains secure and unaltered, unless modified by authorized personnel and that your data is always accessible when you need it.

While many people think of secure data storage as a cybersecurity concern but it’s actually much more. It’s an essential component of security for all enterprises, particularly as more business processes rely on data, including for consumer engagement, competitor analysis, and other functions. The loss or damage of these data could have severe repercussions. This includes fines for non-compliance and reputational damage. Secure data storage is one of the best ways to reduce these risks.

The best data storage solutions include robust security features that protect against unauthorized access and guarantee that your data remains safe and unaltered, unless modified or deleted by authorized personnel. This involves implementing encryption protocols, providing strong access controls and ensuring your data is securely destroyed after it’s no longer required. Any solution you choose to use must also meet HIPAA compliance to meet the specific privacy requirements of the Healthcare Industry.

The most secure storage methods for data are those that are air gapped, which means they are not connected to the rest of your network. This type of data will be more resistant to cyber-attacks like ransomware since it can’t be accessed from outside your system. SAN is another type of secure data storage that stores data on multiple servers. It’s more secure than NAS and operates independently.

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