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Data is more valuable than ever. Privacy protection should be a priority for all organizations. Consumers are more likely trust businesses who make privacy a central feature of their brand and marketing messages. In addition, companies that take data privacy seriously are able to create trust and build a good image that allows them to attract more business and recruit employees.

Privacy protection refers to the collection, processing, and storage of sensitive information to ensure its security and confidentiality. It involves the implementation of specific set of policies and laws to protect personal data. This includes the right to be aware of the manner in which it is stored, shared and used.

Data protection also entails the minimization of data by storing it, if ever only for the period required for its intended purpose and only for related purposes. This is a principle of “data reduction” and is an essential element of data protection for the prevention of identity theft and access to data that is not authorized.

Technologies that protect data privacy include encryption, which encodes the data in a way that it is not accessible by anyone without a decryption key. It can be used to protect information in transit as well as at rest, to protect sensitive information from being stolen by hackers during a breach.

Another method of protecting data is access controls that allow only authorized users to view and use sensitive information. This can be implemented at the levels of the database, application and network levels. Additionally, a firewall can be utilized to monitor network traffic and to identify attempts by unauthorized parties to access information.

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